Kilimo Jijini Project is a project that started in 2020 with an aim of training youths and women how to do farming with the little space that they have in the urban areas to utilize it by erecting different structures. The first phase was mainly aimed at training the youths in mushroom farming and vertical gardening in the informal settlements of Korogocho. The goal of the first project was to improve nutrition in the community that this project will take place and on top of that the group should also be able to benefit out of this project by selling the mushroom and the money they get can be distributed amongst them.

The second started in October 2021 where we trained two groups, 1 women group and 1 youth group. The best thing about it is that 3 youths from the first project who were now experts became the trainers of trainers (TOT’s) during phase 2. The main goal of phase 2 was to build sustainable livelihoods for households in Korogocho and its environs by empowering women and youth in urban farming.

Donor: KCDF


  • To improve nutrition in the community.
  • To empower 15 young people and 15 women to use their talents and skills to earn a living in 4 months.
  • To establish 2 entrepreneurial ventures being run by young people and women in 4 months.

Sustainability Strategies:

The leadership of the women and youth groups will be trained on proper implementation of the project; they will also be trained on urban farming techniques and marketing skills. This will create a situation where produce will have an avenue to be marketed for income generation and the cycle will ensure self-sustainability of the projects, both at the urban farming learning center and individual youth and women group projects.