Miss Koch Kenya, under its education and mentorship program,seeks to improve accessibility to quality education for high achieving girls and boys.Miss Koch also provides holistic care and mentorship packages around scholarship.

It is through the scholarship arm that the community is aware of the need to support their children through providing scholarships to parents who may not be in a position to take their children through the 4 year course in Secondary school.


  • Atari Gaming Company
  • HP Dawda


  • To provide financial help to young people to access and succeed in their secondary and tertiary education.
  • To provide continuing support for those who benefit from the fund.
  • To campaign for and promote the interests of young people coming out of secondary School and celebrate their achievements.


Miss Koch Kenya holds an annual dinner fundraiser which brings on board all partners and stakeholders

Project Sustainability.

Scholarships have always been seen as instrumental in allowing developing countries to build human capital through education.By so saying,Miss Koch Kenya uses the sustainable development goals which have always been used to specifically call for more scholarships as part of the vision for human progress.