Miss Koch Kenya in partnership with HP Dawda Foundation, began a journey of planning for children who are 5 years and below by creating safe spaces and playing grounds that will see their creativity boosted. 2019 we began the journey to make the dreams of young people in spaces that have been reclaimed to see that children also enjoy the spaces. Through private, public partnership we were able to reclaim a space and through HP Dawda foundation we were able to put Children Park within Korogocho community in one of the villages that young people reclaimed on a river bank.

It was with this pilot project that we thought it was good to impact children who hardly get spaces for their recreation. Realizing that this would make sense to the young ones, MKK resulted in scouting various schools to see what could be done to make critical sense. And hence making change in transforming the lives of young children. Among the schools and community spaces, we came across a school within the expansive Korogocho informal settlement that struck our thinking.

The head teacher, after seeing that the Early Childhood Development (ECD) center, learners were struggling in having their space, he resulted in securing a space that could host 160 ECD learners who would have a space of their own. This caught our attention on how we could make this dream through partnership. Taking a step we visited the site for more ideas and understanding. We are happy to partner with the school in construction of a class and 3 toilets to help the young learners have their unique habitable place. We are also providing swings for the learners and also fruit trees that will benefit them in the future and add to the beatification of the place and environment.


HP Dawda


  • To provide financial help to young children for them to access and succeed Kindergarten education.
  • To provide continuing support for children who benefit from the fund.
  • To promote the interests of children coming to kindergarten and celebrate their achievements.
  • To work in partnership with other stakeholders including former beneficiaries to achieve these objectives.


Feeding program:

School feeding program:

MKK in partnership with Lohana Ladies Circle is happy to have begun the feeding program with New Starlight ECD center based in Korogocho Ngomongo village. The discussion of this partnership were finalized in Dec 2022, and coming to agreement for 1 yr. school calendar feeding program. We hope more partners will come on board to continuously keep the children in school. Feeding a developing child is fundamental to his or her growth in the early stages for stronger bones and general health. As parents are hard pressed with hard economic times we are happy to improving mortality of the young children within the community.

Project Sustainability:

The project will continuously feed the young children through parents support