The goal of the project is to nurture the creative talent of young people in Korogocho and to help them become income generating artists who are also socially committed and willing to use their creative art towards working for a better life in Korogocho. The project will also increase linkage with other promoters in the area of talent development and increase their chances of advancing in the career. The project will engage the duty bearers challenging them to support young people and expand opportunities.


Kenya Community Development Fund.


Nurturing Talent & Developing Entrepreneurial Skills to secure better incomes and enrich lives and livelihoods among Youth in Korogocho


  • Young talented people identified and nurtured and trained in Creative Arts and social activism
  • Trainers are better trained on teaching the creative arts to young people.
  • Train the creative artists on entrepreneurship – on how to promote their talent and safely earn a living from it and how to best manage and invest their income derived from their talent.
  • Linkage and collaboration with other DJs/ performing artistes for exposure and mentorship
  • Follow the artists to ascertain the level of success in generating income through their talents

Sustainability Strategy:

The action aims at building human capital through the skills, knowledge, ability to labour and exposure. The target group will be linked up to local resources and business ventures in line with their talent and learning as a platform for the successful pursuit of different livelihood strategies. This therefore ensures sustainability given that they will have attained the knowledge of ‘fishing’ on their own rather than depending on the project action for continuous support.