To enhance the awareness and participation of youth in leadership and governance and the capability to demand, protect and preserve human rights in the informal settlements to realize human security for all.


To create an informed population that can participate in national conversations on governance and enhance capability of the young people in the informal settlements to demand and become advocates of human rights.


  • Creating human rights groups and networks among the youth.
  •  Teaming up with other human rights advocates and groups.
  • Sensitising youth and women on Gender-based Violence.
  •  Training the youth on civic engagement.
  • Inviting stakeholders from different areas of governance to engage in participatory leadership and governance discussions.
  •  Conducting radio/TV shows on human rights.
  •  Running social media campaigns of human rights
  • Running Graffiti campaigns on human rights.
  • Printing posters, brochures and leaflets to sensitise the youth on human rights