MKK in partnership with team Pankaj organized a physiotherapy session to support children suffering from cerebral palsy, autism and hydrocephalus of families who were in need of the support. We undertook a survey of the children within Korogocho location and its surroundings. The data was analyzed and therefore zeroing down to the need to have children below the age of 18 whom their parents would manage to bring to the center. We partnered with Daniel Comboni primary school management to allow us use the multipurpose hall for the therapy sessions.

The total number of children reached with the support were 100 in total for a period of two months. Parents registered with a hundred shillings as a sign of commitment and this was also to be returned to them once they come for the session through food incentives to feed their children. It was a success however, the two month period was not sufficient.

Interventions of such magnitude require a center that would register such needs of the cerebral palsy children with physiotherapists to support the children. Since we were only partnering with the organization for the period of time estimated, we do hope that in future we would have organizations that can come in handy to help restore good health and hope to the children suffering from; cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus and autism. It’s an area that needs concerted efforts to aid parents from heavy burden and bills to taking their children to centers that require a lot of monetary resources.

Parents are still calling if the services can be offered as they got relieved from the expenses on the tasking exercise of taking their children to hospitals. They praised the support given to them as it improved the child’s physical being in being active and jovial.




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