A LOT-Change project is a community-based after-school support program being implemented by Miss Koch Kenya in Korogocho since 2013. The first phase (2013-2015) only targeted adolescent girls in grades 6-8 and consisted of homework support in numeracy and literacy, life skills mentoring, parental counseling, and transition to secondary school subsidy. From the successes of the initial phase, the intervention was scaled up in phase 2 (2016-18) to include a leadership component and also target both adolescent boys and girls, with the other components remaining the same. Phase III is a follow-up study of the phase II cohort who transitioned to secondary school in 2019 and will be testing the feasibility of implementing the A LOT-Change model among older adolescents and also checking the sustainability of the effects observed in phase II.

Donor: APHRC


To have an integrated approach to improve learning outcomes, psycho-social well-being and behavior among adolescent girls and boys.


Career awareness training, mentoring in soft skills, holiday homework support, digital literacy and parental counseling.


The project data/outcomes/model and expertise of both mentors and counselors is a long term investment in the education & mentorship program.