Education and Mentorship

Miss Koch Kenya under its Education and Mentorship program seeks to improve accessibility to quality education for some high achieving vulnerable girls and children through undertaking interventions that deliver the rights of the child, Find bursary support for as many girls and boys as possible needing scholarships, improving learning outcomes by strengthening learning centers, providing holistic care and mentorship packages around scholarship, the provision of holiday and afterschool learning and support, counseling, life skills, advise on SRH, entrepreneurship and ICT skills and developing more and better trained mentors to guide, counsel and support those on scholarship. It is through the scholarship arm that the community is aware of the need to support its constituency through providing scholarship to high achieving and vulnerable youth whose parents may not be in a position to take them through 4 year secondary education.

MKK is looking forward to continuously serving her community by empowering minds and transforming the community through her various programs. Miss Koch Kenya is presently supporting 65 (35 girls and 30boys) students who have moving stories of how their lives are full of hope. This project will build on this foundation in seeking to ensure that more less fortunate youth, access their right to education. This cause looks at educating 20 youth per year and growing our bigger vision of educating 100 youth per year until they accomplish their secondary education as they await their enrolment to universities for their dream careers. Having graduated 39 students from high school, now in various universities and tertiary colleges we are optimistic that the kind of young people we are nurturing will be dedicated leaders of this great nation. Also putting down a youth demographic dividend that will guide the economic growth of the ages that we serve in addressing inequalities and realizing solutions based on the youth needs within the communities.


To enhance accessibility to quality education and facilitate best academic and extracurricular performance among the needy children in the informal settlements of Nairobi through scholarship & mentorship programs.


  1. Provide financial assistance to bright and needy 65 students from Korogocho slums to pursue secondary school education.
  2. Encourage promising students throughout secondary school to pursue well-chosen careers by passing learned experiences of those who have walked before them.
  3. Build the community capacity by redirecting back the acquired professional knowledge of the beneficiaries through promotion of a membership club.
  4. To ensure an informed and empowered community through facilitating access to quality education and providing mentorship programmes among the less-fortunate in the informal settlements.


  • Recruitment of vulnerable but well-performing pupils/students into schools
  • Paying school fees for the recruited learners.
  • Conducting regular meetings between parents/guardians and teachers to discuss learners’ progress.
  • Regular meetings constituting parents, teachers and the sponsors to discuss learners’ progress.
  • Creating both qualitative and quantitative assessment plans for the learners.