Dignity Kits- UNFPA

Menstrual Health and Management (MHM) is critical in the sense that girls at menarche age may be vulnerable as they may not be aware of what needs to be done at that critical age and whom to talk to when they need the support. It is on this premise that Miss Koch Kenya is trying to come up with constant solutions that can help the vulnerable adolescents to be aware of the facts around them. Menstrual health and management (MHM) are the most fundamental issues that adolescents have to undergo and without proper care and support they tend to veer from their targeted goals hence losing focus. Miss Koch Kenya and her partners UNFPA have been able to support 50 girls in total. The support went to two main schools within the Kasarani Sub-County. The beneficiary schools were: – Our Lady of Fatima Secondary mixed school and Kariobangi North girls Secondary school who received the dignity kits. Our Lady of Fatima received 30 dignity kits for the most vulnerable girls under the guidance and leadership of their Counselling teacher Mrs. Wafula who took charge of mobilising the girls. The school Principal Mrs. Mabango was supportive in ensuring that the information goes to the right teacher in charge of girls and that is how we came to the 30 girls who were provided for the kits. The next school we paid a courtesy visit to was Kariobangi North Girls Secondary school that was also a beneficiary of the dignity kits. The deputy principal received us and handed us over to the teacher responsible for the guidance and counselling teacher Ms. Nyasimi. We were able to distribute 20 dignity kits for the girls who were happy to receive such a pack when they needed it. In both events MKK Executive Director took the responsibility to take the learners (beneficiaries) through the dignity pack and what it entailed. Also explained the importance of the use of (leso) when one starts menarche. Urging the teachers to understand the learners and supporting them in every way. She also emphasised on the beneficiaries to maintain high standards of discipline and also working hard and smart in school. Key recommendations  The deputy principal from OLOF was categorical on supporting boys that are often left out of the equation, insisting on the next plan to have at least you boys to be supported. In essence we all agree that boys do play a role in the life of the girls and that they need to be supported if not equally but in a balanced ratio.  The kits were fewer depending on the population of girls from the targeted schools that need more support due to vulnerability.  They need more support for the supplies which will support them per term. In conclusion, MKK is happy to partner with you to see that the constituencies they serve are supported in all façades. The two schools have considered making the girls as champions in their respective schools and requested that we walk with them throughout.