Joshua is an inspiring, God fearing, hardworking young man who says that his dream is not to gain riches rather, to gather knowledge and impart it to other young men in the community. Joshua compares himself to Joshua from the bible who brought the people of Israel to the promised land of Canaan. He says that he draws his inspiration from his family who are relentless despite the challenges life throws at them. He says that his father works his best to provide for the family, and despite them only affording one meal a day, he is grateful to have a family that is bound by love. He is appealing for financial help to support his education and offset some worries for him and his father. Joshua says he will work hard and will also give back to the community in order to give hope to other boys that life is possible despite the challenges, he says “I come from a  family that believes that a road bending is not the end of the journey”.