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Monday, October 23, 2017

Education & Mentorship

 Program Goal:
To improve accessibility to quality secondary education for high-achieving but vulnerable children.


1. Empowering needy children from the community to participate in socio- economic and political affairs.
2. Offering financial support to needy children’s education both at formal and non- formal spheres.
3. To create awareness of girl rights to education in Urban slums.
4. Documentation of girl right abuses and establishment of action & referral system.
5. Establishment of a vibrant gender responsive network in Urban slums.
6. Organizing mentorship talks to our beneficiaries.



     Projects in the Program :

Improving Learning Outcomes and Transition to Secondary School through Community Participation and after school Support among Disadvantaged Girls: A Pilot Study in Informal Settlements, Nairobi, Kenya.

The lead partners in this project is APHRC who are an excellent research centre. The goal of the proposed project is to promote access and quality secondary education among girls who live in the informal urban settlements. In addition, we are partnering to demonstrate how an education intervention, with parental and community support can address the intergenerational inequality of access to education. The outcomes of this project are improved learning outcomes, improved attendance, and transition to secondary school for girls.

Partners: APHRC, U-Tena

Period: 2013 – 2015

Empowering the Mind through Education Scholarship

The overall objective is to improve accessibility to quality secondary education for the needy youth from the informal settlements through provision of scholarship & mentorship sessions. We focus on the poverty stricken youth who have been deprived of their constitutional right to education due to lack of school fees and schooling necessities


Specific Objectives:    

o   Provide financial assistance to bright and needy students from informal settlements to pursue secondary school education.          

o   Encourage promising students throughout secondary school to pursue well-chosen careers by passing learned experiences of those who have walked before them. 

o   Build the community capacity by redirecting back the acquired professional knowledge of the beneficiaries through promotion of a membership club.


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